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Is Your Back Pain And Lifestyle Damaging Your Back?

Are you living a back-friendly life? The only thing better than figuring out how to treat back pain is preventing it from starting in the first place! Modern life isn't always kind to our backs. In fact, many careers today actually actively put our backs at risk for strain and injury. In addition, many everyday things that we do actually put us at risk for sciatica. It's time for a life audit! What are you potentially doing that's putting you at risk for sciatica? Take a look at your checklist for eliminating common causes of sciatica from your life.

Your Work-Life: Could It Be Contributing To Back Pain?

back pain

There are actually risks for sciatica in any career. Does your job require you to lift heavy objects? Lifting boxes, equipment, merchandise, and machinery can all cause serious injuries. Even a motion that you've done thousands of times can suddenly "throw out" your back.

First, make sure you're using the best practices for lifting if you need to deal with heavy objects as part of your job role. You should always bend at your hips and knees instead of bending with your back. What's more, objects should never be lifted above your shoulders.

Do consider getting a brace for your back and middle section to ensure that you're keeping your body properly aligned when lifting and bending. Do you stand for long hours as part of your job? This can really do a number on your back because your spine is taking on all of the pressure and weight of your body.

Do your best to take sitting breaks whenever possible. You should also consider using a lumbar support cushion to help soothe your lower spine while reclining or sleeping after work hours. Lumbar support cushions can also help to keep your spine properly aligned to ensure that it's more resilient against injury.

Do you have a desk job? It turns out that sitting for long hours can really harm your back. First, all of the hours spent sitting actually compress your lower back to increase your risk for slipped and bulging back discs. You also risk pain and dysfunction throughout the spine, neck, and shoulders due to the common habit of hunching forward when looking at screens. It's so important to take breaks that allow you to get up from your chair at least once every hour. Taking short walks can help to stretch your muscles, get the blood flowing through your limbs, and reduce stiffness. Supports and cushions for the neck, back, and buttocks can make a world of difference. What's more, many desk workers find that bracing their arms, elbows, and wrists helps to combat fatigue and injury.

Your Fitness Routine: Is It Actually Good For Your Back?

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Don't just focus on making your muscles stronger when you work out. Focus on protecting your back muscles. It’s very common for people to dive right into workouts because they are eager to start burning calories. Unfortunately, failing to stretch before exercise greatly increases your risk for injury. You also want to make sure that your back remains straight and supported during your workouts.

Your Diet: Could Your Diet Be Contributing To Back Pain?

back pain

Many people find this to be the most shocking cause of sciatica of all! Yes, it's actually possible for what you eat to impact your sciatica. Some foods cause inflammation that creates pain and stiffness throughout the body. If you're looking at your health through a holistic lens, you already know that every part of your body is connected. According to Harvard Health, a diet that consists heavily of refined carbohydrates, fried foods, soda, sugar-sweetened beverages, processed meat, shortening, and margarine would fall under the umbrella of being an "inflammation" diet.

The good news is that there are plenty of what experts call "anti-inflammatory" foods to enjoy. The list of the top foods for fighting inflammation in the body includes leafy greens (spinach, kale, and collards), raw nuts, tomatoes, salmon, tuna, sardines, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries. Of course, there are thousands of wholesome, nutrient-rich foods that are known to fight inflammation.

A Back-Friendly Lifestyle Is Possible

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You can still lead a busy, full life without fearing that you're doing irreversible damage to your back. If you're already living with a back injury, you know how debilitating and discouraging back pain can be. You may be living in fear of making "any little movement" that can harm your back. The good news is that being intentional about your lifestyle is the first step to avoiding sciatica. Paying attention to your movements can help you to avoid straining your back in preventable scenarios. In addition, knowing how to "nourish" your back with the right cushioning and support can help to "undo" the damage that your demanding work life creates.

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