back and waist support belt

Back and Waist Support Belt - Do You Realy Need It?


For those recovering from back surgery, a support brace is essential. If you have suffered pain following an injury the pain is mainly caused by muscle spasms and tension and wearing the back and waist support belt will bring immediate relief to the lumbar region. Studies have shown that lower back pain can be highly debilitating in many cases rendering the sufferer unable to work. They go on to advise that you should wear a support brace to prevent your muscles from moving accidentally.

back and waist support belt

What is a Back Support Brace

A back support brace is wrapped around the lower area of the spine and supports the lumbar region. It is normally fitted by the physician, and the reason for this is they have to be firm without being too tight. When properly fitted to the rear, they can lower spinal pressure and ease muscle tension. The lumbar  brace is used to lower abdominal pressure and lessen stress on the spinal area. It can be bought over the counter in Pharmacies and is easy to source. AOFIT is a leading and reputable manufacturer of braces and supports, making them a good brand to purchase. As soon as you experience the pain you should purchase a  support brace.

Advantages of Back Support Brace

If a young woman is diagnosed with Scoliosis a brace is often prescribed. Ideally, the condition is diagnosed around 13 years of age using a forward flexion test in the doctor's surgery. Severe scoliosis or curvature of the spine will progress during the growth spurt that takes place in the two years following the first menstrual period. Regular follow-up will determine whether a back and waist support belt is required during this time and if the curve progresses a brace is worn to prevent surgery later on. The girl/young woman is fitted with a back and waist belt that must be worn every day to stop the scoliosis curve from worsening, if the brace is not worn during the rapid growth period the implications can be disastrous later on, especially during pregnancy. Many young women have had a serious curve rectified by a  support brace and can lead normal happy lives because they have worn the brace during puberty!
  • The brace restricts mobility and helps the spine to stay straight.
  • If Scoliosis is left undiagnosed the curve will progress to a hunchback by mid-life and cause severe pain and other illnesses.
  • Once the brace comes off for good Physical Therapy is used to strengthen the core rear muscles.
  • The Brace is also essential following surgery while damaged tissue is healing.

Disadvantages of Back Support Brace

  • It is very hot in Summer.
  • For those with degenerative disc disease, it can cause discomfort.
The advantages of support braces far outweigh the disadvantages as they help people to lead normal lives.

What to Consider When Choosing a Back and waist Support Belt

If you are an older person with scoliosis, although it is too late to correct it, it is not too late to control the pain. You will need to wear a dependable belt to evenly distribute your weight. The brace belts limit the micro-movements in the spine and lessen pressure, Contact AOFIT for further information, and see your doctor about the best belt for your condition. Belts improve posture and lessen the strain on the spine and can stop a curvature from progressing. They are instrumental if you have a sprained joint or back injury and relieve the pain while you heal.

The Importance of Good Ergonomics

If we sit at a desk all day typing, it is essential to have an ergonomic assessment, most workplaces now realize the importance of how we sit at our workstations and incorporate an ergonomic assessment as part of the Work Health and Safety Plan. If you have been sitting at a table typing with your legs crossed for a year or two, you will certainly have the pain, as you should sit with your feet flat on the floor and your spine aligned in a straight line. However, if you have pain from this practice your doctor will usually recommend a  back and waist support belt, along with Physical Therapy to heal the unfortunate damage. Exercise will also aid recovery, and at least a walk every day is necessary because sitting down for too long is not good for our bodies. If you don't want to walk every day, try swimming, both walking and swimming are good for the back.

Back Pain Following Pregnancy

During pregnancy, we put on a lot of weight, and once we give birth and return to normal many of us suffer from the pain. A  support brace can help when we are doing our post-natal exercises, and it can certainly help when we are carrying a baby around post-natally. If we can stabilize our body with a lumbar brace, we will be better able to move and get fit again, as it is not easy to exercise with the pain. The team at AOFIT understands body and pain relief and how important it is, and they can recommend the right brace for you. Many women can't lose weight following pregnancy because their back hurts and wearing the right belt would make all the difference.

back and waist support belt

Men and Back Support Brace

Many men also suffer from pain, especially tradesmen who are bent down laying bricks and lifting heavy materials for 8 hours every day. Many of these men suffer from worsening pain and never do anything about it. If you are one of these men see your doctor and ask him to recommend the right brace. You will need to wear it to work, and it will stabilize your body and relieve the pain due to reducing the motion normally occurring in the activities of day-to-day living.


Many people suffer from the pain, don't put up with it, see your doctor today as you may need an assessment for a back and waist support belt.

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