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Aofit Gel Ice Pack for Lower Back Pain Relief, Heat and Cold Pack

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Introducing the ultimate solution for lower back pain relief, our state-of-the-art large Gel Ice Pack designed specifically for cold and heat therapy. Say goodbye to dealing with low back pain and swelling in your lower back caused by injuries, strains, arthritis, spasm or post-workout aches. Our versatile gel ice pack offers optimal therapeutic relief and support, ensuring you never have to compromise on your comfort and well-being. 

The backbone of our back ice pack lies in its removable gel ice pack, which delivers unmatched efficiency in both hot and cold therapy. Carefully crafted with the perfect balance of flexibility and durability, our reusable ice pack not only provides a secure and snug fit for your lower back, but it also withstands countless cycles of freezing and heating, giving you a long-lasting companion for all your therapeutic needs. Additionally, with an extra gel pack included in your purchase, switching between cold and heat therapy has never been more convenient.

What sets our back ice pack apart from the rest is its fully adjustable compression strap. This innovative feature offers customizable support and compression, allowing you to perfectly tailor the fit according to your individual needs and preferences. Our gel ice pack wraps comfortably around your lower back, contouring to the curvature of your body to provide consistent therapeutic coverage for maximum relief.

We understand the importance of options when it comes to effectively reducing pain, and that's why our gel ice pack is available in three sizes – giving you the freedom to choose the perfect fit that best suits your needs. Whether you suffer from chronic lower back pain, have suffered an injury or simply need relieve pain after a strenuous workout, our gel ice pack is designed to cater to individuals of all shapes and sizes.

Prioritizing your comfort is our top priority, which is why our back ice pack for cold and heat therapy is made with the most comfortable material. The fabric is not only soft, but it is also gentle on your skin, ensuring that you can enjoy extended periods of use without irritation or discomfort.

In summary, our large Ice Wrap for Back is an indispensable addition to relieve low back pain. With its removable gel ice pack, additional gel ice pack included, adjustable compression strap, three sizes available and comfortable material, it offers an unparalleled solution to effectively manage and alleviate your lower back pain. Experience lasting relief and comfort like never before – invest in our gel ice pack and take the first step towards a pain-free life. 


Yes, the Aofit Ice Back Brace is designed to be slim and comfortable, allowing you to wear it discreetly under most clothing. However, its visibility may vary depending on the type of clothing you wear.

To clean the Aofit Ice Back Brace, remove the gel packs and support bars, then hand wash the brace in cold water with mild detergent. Air dry the brace and avoid using bleach or high heat to prevent damage to the materials.

The Aofit Ice Back Brace is adjustable and designed to fit a wide range of waist sizes. Measure your waist circumference and refer to the product's size chart to choose the most suitable size for you.

The recommended duration may vary depending on your personal comfort and needs. You can start by wearing the brace for shorter periods and gradually increase the duration as you become more comfortable. Consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about extended use.

It is generally not recommended to wear the Aofit Ice Back Brace while sleeping, as it may cause discomfort or restrict your movements during the night. It's best to use the brace during your daily activities for optimal support and relief.


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