knee support for running

Should You Run With Knee Support For Running ?

We are encouraged by doctors to exercise at least three times a week if we want to live a healthy life. Going to the gym to work out might not be easy, but we have to burn down the excess calories in our bodies that might harm our health.

Sometimes you might decide that instead of going to the gym, you can take morning or evening runs in the neighborhood. All these forms of exercise require you to wear some fitting clothes or attires to help with strenuous body fitness activities.

Compression sleeves are a kind of knee support for running, they are tight elastic bands worn on the legs or arms to improve blood flow. They help squeeze the muscles to prevent swelling during strenuous activities or are worn to relieve symptoms of swelling after strenuous activity.

Most of the people who wear compression sleeves are athletes, and sometimes a doctor might recommend it if you are used to going to the gym. There are two types of compression sleeves, and there are arm compression sleeves and leg compression sleeves. You might have noticed that most footballers wear leg compression sleeves during football matches, while basketball players and athletes during a marathon wear arm sleeves while running.

Leg compression sleeves

knee support for running

Leg compression sleeves are very common among football players and runners. They wear leg compression sleeves to keep the muscles intact and warm when playing and running. There are different types of leg compression sleeves, and there are leg compression sleeves that cover the whole leg. There is knee support for running that cover the ankle to the thigh or ones that cover only a portion of the leg. There are also knee compression sleeves that cover the knee to ensure the knee muscles remain intact during sporty activities.

Most leg compression sleeves can be used in the daytime or at night time depending on the activity you are undertaking.

Arm compression sleeves

knee support for running

Arm compression sleeves are usually worn around the arm to enable proper blood flow during activities that use a lot of arm movements. They are ubiquitous among basketball players and runners.

They are mostly worn from the wrist to the upper arm near the armpit. Sometimes they are recommended by doctors for patients who have undergone breast cancer treatment to treat the symptoms of lymphedema.

How do compression sleeves work?

Compression sleeves work by applying pressure on the veins of the legs or arms. This supports the walls of the veins, and thus the blood pressure increases. The increase in blood pressure ensures the circulation of oxygenated blood into vital body parts, such as the heart, brain, and muscles.

It works by compressing the muscles, this reduces strain in the muscles, and thus there is a lower chance of getting muscle swelling. The compression sleeves also prevent the impact of injuring your muscles when you fall while running or playing football.

When the compression sleeves apply pressure on your muscles, there is an increase in venous return. Thus, fluid retention is reduced, preventing swelling and faster muscle recovery after working out.

Should You Run With Knee Support For Running?

knee support for running

Running is one of the most activities that require a higher intake of oxygen. Experts recommend wearing compression sleeves on the legs or knees to support the knee. When you wear leg compression sleeves, there will be more knee support, and this will prevent knee vibration and possibly increase your flexibility during the running session.

When the compression sleeves are worn on the knee, they help prevent the increase and production of lactic acid in the body. At the same time, it helps release excess body fluids from your muscles. This helps improve oxygen supply into the body and muscles.

Athletes mostly wear leg compression sleeves during marathons since they run for very long distances, which can cause strain to the muscles. Wearing the right size of compression sleeves helps give them knee support and prevent the possibility of muscle swelling, ensuring faster recovery after the activity. People who use compression sleeves during running have reported better running performance than those who don't. The compression sleeves can be worn by athletes for more than 10 hours to support the knees during practice sessions and the actual competition day.


knee support for running

AOFIT is a health fitness company that is located in China that sells health and fitness products. It is one of the best and leading manufacturers of health-related products like gym suits, compression sleeves, and other body fitness products. They have a website where you can check various health and fitness products at an amicable price. Their products are user-friendly, and you are assured of quality products. You can purchase AOFIT products at Amazon. The compression sleeves go for as low as 19$. You can also find the leg compression sleeves at eBay for 15$. The AOFIT products are very affordable for anyone.

What to look for when buying compression sleeves on AOFIT.


The length of the leg compression sleeves varies because people have different leg lengths. So knowing your leg length can help you get the right size.


When you want to buy a pair of knee compression sleeves for knee support, you need to know the size of your lower and upper knee and around your knee. The knee compression sleeves should not be saggy or too tight.


You need to pick the material that will not irritate your skin while running. The material should also be of good quality and easy to wash. The best material for compression sleeves is nylon since it's easy to wash and dry. Spandex is also a good material due to its stretchy nature.


If you are an athlete, AOFIT is the best place to purchase your sporting products such as the knee support for running that will perfectly support your knees when running. AOFIT cares so much about its customers and is a trustworthy brand. Using compression sleeves can improve your running activities, whether you are a gymnast or an athlete. Getting the right compression sleeve size will help improve your muscles' movement when running hence better performance and productivity.

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