How Neoprene Wrist Braces Work & Why They're So Great

How Neoprene Wrist Braces Work & Why They're So Great

Wrist braces work wonders when your wrists are in a neutral position. As such, it brings relief to wrist pain and discomfort. They help a lot in conditions such as tendonitis and arthritis because the braces prevent repetitive movements.

No wonder, you can find different types of material used to make wrist braces. But neoprene is slowly growing in popularity more recently. A neoprene wrist brace is breathable and gives you the right support and comfort that your wrists need after experiencing an injury. Continue reading the post to learn more about neoprene wrist braces.

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What Is Neoprene?

Neoprene belongs to the category of synthetic rubbers produced by chloroprene or polymerization. Neoprene is resistant to heat, oil, and water. Because of these properties, neoprene is a good insulator.

Synthetic rubber stands out from other materials when it comes to durability. Additionally, it is chemically resistant, thermally stable, and waterproof. This is why manufacturers are using the material to its potential in many products.

How Does Neoprene Wrist Brace Work?

A neoprene wrist brace stabilizes and immobilizes the wrist following cast removal or post-injury with a contoured palmar stay that’s adjustable. Neoprene wrist braces are helpful especially when it comes to reducing pain resulting from minor sprains and strains.

Neoprene braces hold your wrists in a straight position while reducing movements that might result in irritation. As a result, it helps alleviate inflammation and pain in the wrists. In general, these are caused by repetitive movements.

Also, certain medical conditions such as CTS are contributing factors. The best part about neoprene wrist braces is that they help you recover from surgery or an injury. If you are suffering from CTS, using a brace helps you move your wrist easily.

Wrist braces help you a lot in terms of decreasing pressure on the median nerve, too. Because the symptoms of CTS occur at night most of the time, you have to use the wrist brace before going to bed or in the evenings.

wrist brace for carpal tunnel

However, using wrist braces for a prolonged period may have some issues. Therefore, before using one, make sure to consult with your doctor. It is always good to follow recommendations from an expert. Below listed are some of the features that neoprene wrist braces come with.

  • They are breathable so that you can wear them for extended periods without issues
  • It holds the wrist firmly and comfortably in a neutral position to minimize pain and promote healing
  • They come with two metal splints: one on the back side of your hand and another over your palm for additional contouring
  • Easy to put it on and take it off by using one hand ease

Why Should You Wear Neoprene Wrist Braces?

High-quality neoprene wrist braces provide support and protect your wrist in case of an injury. They work well on partially immobilize wrists as well. Unlike ordinary wrist braces, neoprene wrist braces make the area compressed while retaining heat at the same time.

As a result, it alleviates inflammation and pain in the wrist. This is why you need to use them. Moreover, there are several benefits of using these braces.

1. Wrap around intuitive design

The wrap-around design that these wrist braces come with offers you an amazing closing system. As such, it becomes easy to wear and remove without extra effort.

2. Aesthetics that appeal to the eyes

Neoprene wrist braces come with appealing aesthetics along with great color fastness. That way, it retains heat in the affected area and relieves pain eventually. In short, it gives you quick healing.

3. The neoprene layer is bonded with the fabric

Combined mostly with nylon, neoprene wrist braces are stretchable. Hence, it provides durability, a firm grip, optimal compression, and great comfort.

How to Choose the Right Neoprene Wrist Brace for You

There are several factors to consider when buying neoprene wrist braces. The braces must match your needs according to the symptoms, daily activities, and lifestyle. To narrow down your choices, below mentioned are some factors that you need to consider.

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  • Comfort and fit – The main purpose of wrist braces is to provide comfort and support. Therefore, make sure that the neoprene brace comes with an adjustable design. Apart from that, choose the right size for your needs.
  • Uses – It is good to buy a couple of neoprene wrist braces. That way, you can use one when you are working and the other while sleeping. You can keep another brace if you need more support because of exacerbated symptoms.
  • Mobility – Consider buying a wrist brace that will limit your motion so that it prevents overuse. Also, it can help prevent pressure on the median nerve. Moreover, the brace should give you enough mobility so that you can perform your everyday activities with ease. Furthermore, if you are planning to wear the brace only at night, you have to choose a restrictive brace that doesn’t hamper blood flow.
  • Good customer reviews – When you are buying a neoprene wrist brace, it is important to read online reviews. That way, you can get understand many things about a product including customer satisfaction and support. Also, you get to know how durable and effective the product is.

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1. How long should you wear a neoprene wrist brace?

Typically, it depends on the symptoms you have and the activities that you do. Besides, follow the recommendations from your doctor to know how long you have to use neoprene wrist braces.

2. How tight the wrist brace should be for carpel tunnel?

When you are using the neoprene wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome, its purpose should be to provide comfort and support while considering the stability factor. However, you can remove or loosen the brace if you feel tingling, numbness, or loss of blood circulation.

3. When do you need to see your doctor?

You might be using one of the best neoprene wrist braces for carpel tunnel syndrome or wrist pain. But if the condition doesn’t improve even after using the braces for a few weeks, it is wise to visit a doctor. They might recommend alternative therapies or opt for noninvasive treatments.

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