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The following points should be paid attention to protecting the knee


At present, 355 million people in the world suffer from various joint diseases.
In fact, the life span of the joints is limited. Once joints "have exhausted," it will cause various joint diseases!


The life span of a joint is only used for 60 years and it is a lifelong sin!

The lifespan of joints is mainly determined by genes, and the general joint health life is 60 years.

If someone has lived for 80 years, but the joints have been "dead" for 60 years, then the next 20 years will have to suffer.

However, as long as the proper maintenance is done the following day, the joints that could only be “live” for 60 years can be extended for at least 10 years or even longer; but if you do not pay attention to maintenance, you may not be able to use 40 years to take a break, and you can even walk around pain.


Is the knee healthy?

In all joints, the tarsal joints in the knees are the most vulnerable and there is a meniscus between the femoral and tibial joints and the sacral joints on both sides.

Whether the knee is healthy, do the following two small tests.

Test one: Sitting in a chair, repeatedly flexing his knees, whether there is a ranging sound. If there is a possibility of calcification of the ligaments or damage to the facet joints between the tibia and femur.


Test two: standing on one foot, repeatedly squatting, two feet can be alternately tested.

timg (1)

Experts advise: If the above two tests can not be completed very well, indicating that the knee problems, it is recommended to go to the hospital to do a more detailed inspection.
These behaviors hurt the most knees, but you must do less!
All the violent running and jumping movements on the land will increase the abrasion of the patella, especially when it stands still and then stands up. The wear on the joints is greatest. Especially for those who have suffered a shin injury, snoring should be reduced.
Mountain climbing, climbing stairs
When a person is climbing a mountain or climbing a building, the weight of the joint is four or five times normal. It is very easy to generate pressure on the joints of the sacrum, and it is easy to cause pain in the cartilage for a long time.


The pressure of the sacrum will be pressed on the femur when it is squatted, and the cartilage between the two bones will be pressed directly to the ground. Over time, some knees will not be able to straighten out, and they will not be able to stand up.

Cement ground sports

The articular cartilage is about 1 to 2 mm in diameter and acts to cushion pressure and protect the bone from breaking. Once squatted down, the ground is hard, and such a large reaction force bounces back, causing great damage to the joints and bones.

Maintain knee joints and do four things: The life of the knee is extended by 10 years!

The knee joint is the highest site of osteoarthritis. In daily life, how do we protect the knee joint? Do four things well and extend the life of your knee for 10 years! Must be collected ~

Knee-movement, must learn!

Method one: The body is lying flat, legs straight up and lifted, and the ground at a right angle of 30 degrees for 5 seconds, put down 2-3 seconds, this is a group, to do 3-4 groups a day.


Method two: back against the wall, feet and feet shoulder width apart, and the distance from the wall 40-50 cm kneel, the angle between the thigh and calf when the lower jaw is not less than 90 degrees, you can not adhere to one time, rest 1 - 2 minutes, repeat 3-6 times a day is best.


Lose weight: reduce knee burden

When you walk, the knee is 3 to 6 times the weight. For those who are fatter, the knee is the "jack."

For example, if a normal weight person mentions a bag of 10 kilograms of rice, then every step he takes, the force on his knee increases by 30 to 60 kilograms; if he is overweight by 10 kilograms, in his daily life, his knees are like Has been carrying a bag of 30 to 60 kilograms of rice.

It's just that under walking conditions, the weight-bearing exercise (such as running and jumping) is even greater. For example, skipping ropes have a greater impact and weight burden. The knee joints are even more unbearable.

Therefore, weight loss can be very important for the maintenance of joints.

timg (2)

The right amount of calcium: favorable protection of the knee

To protect the knee joint, calcium supplementation is also very important. This is because when the bone is loose, the joints are prone to disease. This is just like the foundation of the house is not strong and the wall is easy to fall.

Milk and soy products, rich in calcium, high utilization, should pay attention to supplement.

Shrimp, sesame, kelp, walnuts, seeds, potatoes, etc., can increase calcium intake, but also help the protection of the knee.

More outdoor activities, increase sun exposure and vitamin D supplementation to promote calcium absorption.

timg (3)

Develop good habits and reduce joint damage

When the joints are sore and discomfort, it indicates that it is starting to have problems. It may be due to excessive exercise, or it may be due to lack of exercise.

Remember, pain is the signal to stop exercising. At this point, you should rest first, and don't take it seriously. Effective balance between rest and exercise is the best guarantee for joint health.

In addition, in the life, the middle-aged and the elderly should not lift heavy objects, and should not climb high or move heavy objects to avoid joint damage.

The life span of the joint is only 60 years. Once it is used up, it will suffer for a lifetime! Maintain knee joints, do four things well, and extend the life of your knee for 10 years! We must begin to pay attention today, and now we have closed it up. We will receive less sin afterwards and remember to send it to people around us.


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