back brace for posture

Is Back Brace for Posture Support Effective?

Sitting in front of your computer for hours can be detrimental to your back health and cause discomfort or pain.

Because of the pandemic, many people spend most of their time in front of their computers, phones, and other gadgets. Going to the gym to exercise, walking in the park, or any other usual activities or body movement is limited. Hence, back health is compromised. During this time, many people acquired bad posture, back pain, stiffness, or in extreme cases, a permanent hunch.

In these cases, physical therapy can help. However, a physical therapist can't be with you 24/7. Having a trusted back brace for posture support is a great help.

Let's discuss how back braces can help you improve your posture and overall health.

Tips For Good Posture?

back brace for posture

Good posture doesn't stop at standing straight or sitting in a comfortable chair. Make sure your body posture is good to avoid pain, injuries, discomfort, and other health problems. Here are some tips to have a good posture.

While Sitting

  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Switch your sitting position.
  • Walk around your room or office.
  • Stretch your muscles gently. Avoid overstretching.
  • Feet should be flat on the floor.
  • Shoulders need to be relaxed.
  • Back, hips, thighs, and elbows should have proper support.

While Standing

  • Stand tall and straight.
  • Keep shoulders back.
  • Stomach in.
  • Head should be levelled at all times.
  • Put weight on the balls of the feet.
  • Feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Effects of Poor Posture

back brace for posture

Here is some motivation for all to improve their back posture. We listed all the effects of having poor posture on your health.
  • Spine misalignment
  • Spine curvature
  • Back, shoulder, jaw, and neck pain
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Poor digestion
  • Poor sleep quality or loss of sleep
  • Lack of motivation
  • Nerve problems
  • Headaches
  • Stress
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fatigue
  • Workout recovery problems
  • Soreness and aches

Top 5 Back Braces for Posture Support

back brace for posture

Using a back brace for posture support and improvement has numerous benefits. That is why back braces are becoming more popular. To help with your back brace for support shopping, we listed our top 5 picks for you!

1. Copper Infused Back Brace with 6 Lumbar Support Stays, 2 Removal Pads

This lumbar brace and lifting provide maximum support and stability. It is flexible and can be used for your daily activities. This lumbar brace is infused with 33% copper fiber and a breathable compression band to avoid discomfort and excessive sweating. Its four removable pads from different materials allow versatility, comfort, and weight adjustment to prevent pain and reduce pressure on your spine. Lastly, it has a simple, discreet, and lightweight design that is perfect for wearing under your clothes.

2. 13" Wide Back Brace with 4 Metal Support Stays

Back pain is a huge and common problem for women. Having a back brace for posture support specially designed for women will significantly relieve the pressure on the spine to prevent chronic back pain. This 13" wide lumbar brace provides generous support while strengthening the back muscles. It is ideal for daily activities and movement, such as sitting in front of your computer, cleaning the house, running, lifting your groceries, and more. For convenience and comfort, it comes with 4 removable metal stays and compression velcro straps, so you can easily adjust its weight, tightness, and level of support. The lumbar brace for comport band is made from breathable fabrics and molded perfectly to your body shape. It comes in skin-tone color with a lightweight and discreet design so that you can wear them under your clothes comfortably.

3. Back Brace with 5 Lumbar Support Stays, Self-Heating, and Magnetic Pad

If you are searching for a back brace for posture and blood circulation improvement, this lumbar belt with 5 support stays is the one for you. It comes with removable support stays, adjustable compression straps, and 3 extra pads (1 self-heating pad with 9 magnets, 1 cozy pad, and 1 pocket pad). All to help relieve chronic strain on your back and improve blood circulation. It is designed with a breathable, soft, mesh, and snag-free compression lumbar brace to prevent itching, sweating, and chafing. The best part is its self-heating pad! When you need to warm up your body, wear this lumbar belt for support directly onto your skin to warm you up. This lumbar belt for support has a slim and discreet design to wear under your clothes.

4. Air Inflatable Adjustable Back Brace

Its inflatable center pad makes this lumbar brace for support unique and better than the rest. You can easily add or remove the inflatable pad to provide the back support you need. This lumbar brace for support comes with 3 removable steel stents, which relieve the pressure from your back, improve blood circulation, and ease muscles and nerve problems. It is made from ultra-soft fabric to avoid discomfort, snagging, scratching, and pinching the skin when worn directly onto the skin. Move around and do your daily activities while using your lumbar brace for support with this air-adjustable back brace! For added support, this lumbar brace is designed with 2 flexible and stretchy straps to provide 360 degrees of support. Because of the elastic material, you can move around without problems or restrictions.

5. Back Brace with 20 Massage Magnets, Breathable Band

You should check this breathable lumbar brace with 20 massage magnets if you need a daily lumbar brace. This lumbar brace for support is made with breathable mesh fabric to avoid discomfort and sweating. It has dual outer elastic straps, so you can easily adjust it to fit your body. The magnets built into the back are perfect for stimulating blood circulation in the muscles and lower spine. This lumbar brace for support can be used when doing chores, workout, watching tv, etc.

Back Brace for Posture, Are They Effective?

back brace for posture

Yes, a back belt for support is very effective. However, there are many misconceptions regarding lumbar brace for support.
  1. Weakens the muscles. A back brace provides the support with your body needs. But, if you do not pair it with the proper exercise routine, you won't achieve your goal: to have good posture.
  2. Becoming reliant. Again, to improve your body posture, a proper exercise routine is a must. Otherwise, you will be wearing your lumbar brace forever.
While wearing lumbar brace support is effective and beneficial, it should always be paired with the proper lifestyle. Call your medical practitioner if you are experiencing back pains and posture problems. The medical practitioner can help you make a program for your lumbar brace to provide long-lasting positive effects.

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