Volleyball Knee Sleeve - How To Choose The Right One For Your Game

Volleyball Knee Sleeve - How To Choose The Right One For Your Game

Understand the Purpose of Your Knee Sleeves

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Sleeves are a great way to cool down, keep your muscles warm and dry, and provide some extra support for the joint. Ever since the Olympic Games in Beijing when volleyball became an incredibly popular sport, a new term has been coined: Volleyball Knee Sleeve. These sleeves are typically compression fabric that wraps around the leg from the top of the knee to just below where your calf is most likely to start. The ball of your foot is at risk of taking a lot of abuse when playing volleyball so many players (especially those on sand) wear ankle braces as well as knee sleeves. The idea is that the knee sleeves will protect your joints from the impact of taking a direct hit from a volleyball as well as from other parts of the body. There are many different brands of volleyball knee sleeves and each has its own thing they aim to accomplish. Some provide better support, some allow you to bend your knee more easily and thus give you a greater range of motion. There are many different materials used throughout the industry and some can be very pricey while others are cheap. They are a great way for the volleyball player to continue their game without damaging their knee or supporting it properly. When you wear knee sleeves you will be less likely to get knee pains, injuries, and other unpleasant effects that can happen during a game if your knees are not supported properly. Over time, every human's body will start to weaken and grow older. Protecting your knees from any injury or pain is key to keeping your game strong and improving. When you play volleyball you will be jumping on the sand, running back and forth on the court, and diving for the ball. With all of these impactful activities happening in one game it is important that you are wearing knee sleeves that can handle all of this activity. If your knees suddenly give out, it's probably time to see a specialist along with getting yourself new volleyball knee sleeves that are suited for athletes like yourself.

Volleyball Knee Sleeve vs Knee Brace

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There is a difference between the volleyball knee sleeves and the knee brace. Knee sleeves are garments that cover your joints by compressing the patella on the kneecap. The purpose of knee sleeves is to increase performance as well as aid in recovery. The majority of athletes prefer using them because they are lightweight, comfortable, quick to put on and take off, cost-efficient and most importantly they allow you to move freely without worrying that anything might get caught in your gear while you play. A knee brace on the other hand is designed for more severe knee conditions. It has a rigid shell that wraps around the knee support and the calf to give it both compression and stability. It is designed specifically for people who have undergone surgery and need support from their knee brace to put pressure on their muscles and joints in order to recover faster.

How to Choose the Right One for Your Volleyball Game?

As a volleyball player, choosing the right volleyball knee sleeve is important. If you are looking for a knee sleeve that will offer support to your knees and help prevent any injuries from occurring during the game, here are some factors to consider:

1) Abrasion Resistance:

Knee sleeves should be made from a soft breathable material that absorbs sweat and is also lightweight and washable. The material should also have great abrasion resistance so it will not get worn out easily. The sleeve will hold it shape and not lose its elasticity when you wear it during a game.

2) Comfort:

Comfort is important as you will be wearing the volleyball knee sleeve for hours and hours of activity. You want to choose a knee sleeve that has great breathability, soft fabric that feels nice against the skin, and that allows your skin to breathe even when moisture-rich sweat builds up inside. The knee sleeve should also be lightweight so it does not bother your game while playing.

3) Flexibility:

Your knees can take a lot of abuse during your volleyball games. The knee sleeve should be flexible so it does not restrict your movement when you are playing. It should also help you bend your knees more easily and have a high level of flexibility so your mobility will be unrestricted.

4) Durability:

The volleyball knee sleeve should be durable, resistant to shrinkage, abrasion, and tears so that it can hold up during intense play. Your knee sleeve will likely get worn out during the course of a game so durability is important.

5) Padding:

The volleyball knee sleeve should offer enough padding to help reduce pain and give some form of protection. However, the padding should not be too thick or stiff as this will make it difficult for you to wear and use your knee sleeve.

Other Ways to Avoid Knee Injuries in Volleyball

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Warming up

Warm up before playing to prevent injury. The warm-up should include stretching, jumping, and light jogging to prepare your muscles for a long day of exercise.


During a game, you will be running, jumping, and diving for the ball. Stretching before the game can help you relax and prevent you from getting injured by doing things that your body has never experienced before. With every game comes an increase in physical stress on your knees and muscles so it is important that you stretch after they have been harmed during the volleyball activity so they will heal quickly afterward.


Have proper footwear to avoid injuries while playing volleyball. Shoes must be made from good quality, comfortable materials that fit properly. The shoe should also be suitable for playing on a hard surface such as concrete, as well as sand. These are important factors to consider when picking the right pair of shoes for your volleyball games.

Proper Equipment

Proper ball-handling equipment is another key way to prevent injury and protect your knees during volleyball. Your hands, wrists, and fingers should fit in the handle of the volleyball so that it is easy to grip and control. Knee sleeves and braces can offer a variety of benefits to your volleyball game. They also allow you to be more flexible and mobile which is essential as a player on the court. If you want to give yourself the best chance of being able to play your tough volleyball games without any pain or injuries on your knees, then all you need is a great pair of volleyball knee sleeves.

So with all the factors, you should consider before purchasing, such as availability, comfort, season length, abrasion resistance, durability, breathability, etc. Volleyball Knee Sleeves can protect your knees and enhance your play.

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