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How to relieve the pain of back pain


Although the headache is not a serious illness, it really hurts. The taste is really uncomfortable, and often I can't find a reason. "I can't stand my headache, it's like I'm going to split it up." "Why does every headache jump and hop? It's like getting charged." ... I have headaches and side effects when I get the most out of the clinics. With headache patients, a large number of headache patients come to the clinic almost every day. Although each person's description is not the same, there is one thing in common that is miserable. Obviously, the work and life of the patient have been seriously affected.


Several ways to relieve headaches:

1. Ice pack cold pack: Place ice cubes in ice packs or wrap them in towels and apply them to the headache area. After the cooled blood vessels of the head are shrunk, the symptoms will naturally decrease. Lie down and rest for a while: If possible, take a break in a dark, quiet room for a while during a migraine attack. In general, as long as you sleep for half an hour, your headache will slow down.


2, get up early and stretch can help relieve low back pain
Daily clear, after getting up, you can properly take a deep breath and stretch, can effectively relieve physical fatigue, relieve pain in the waist and other symptoms. In the morning exercise, you can also choose to take a walk or ride a bicycle and exercise properly, which will make your lower back muscles more powerful.
3, avoid sedentary and long station
Not only long-term sedentary causes low back pain, but also for long hours of standing. Standing for a long time will increase the bearing capacity of the waist. Therefore, to protect the waist, you must avoid sedentary and long standing. If you can't avoid standing for a long time, it is recommended that female friends change their feet occasionally to help reduce the burden on the waist.
4, choose the right shoes
Choosing a pair of comfortable shoes with better performance can help female friends resist the impact of the ground on the human body, thereby protecting body parts such as legs, waist and back from damage.
5. Place a cushion at the car seat to protect the waist
Women who need to drive regularly should pay attention to it. Long-term driving can easily cause backache and leg pain. Instead, they choose to place a soft cushion as a support in the car seat to protect the injured waist. The female friends who drive frequently often hurry. Try it!
6, Postural corrector
1) To prevent deformation of the spine: can effectively prevent non-pathological Hanxiong humpback and curvature of the spine, correct move, bad posture under static state of adolescents, powerful help the body maintain a correct sit, stand, line, walking posture.
2) Relieve body fatigue: the body can make the shoulder, back, waist, abdomen balanced force, relieve muscle fatigue, protect the waist, back safety, so to maintain the natural upright posture, showing the best physical condition.
3) For in the long-term standing, sedentary desk People., waiting through the same kind of position for work caused by back muscle fatigue, sore shoulders back pain of all categories of personnel.

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