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The role of the neck pillow and how to relieve the pain of the neck


Modern white-collar workers keep their heads down for a long time, which will cause the muscles behind the neck to fatigue excessively, and will press all the gravity on the bones of the cervical vertebrae. After a long time, it will cause the disc of the cervical vertebrae to protrude, causing cervical spondylosis. Some occupations, due to long periods of bowing or looking up, can easily cause chronic strain.

White-collar neck care is very important

"A lot of people think that twisting is a trivial matter, but for the neck, it is a big deal." Experts said that from the back of the person's head to the collarbone, it is the neck of the neck. There are cervical vertebrae, lymph nodes, trachea, esophagus, arteries and densely distributed nerves in the neck. Not many people think that the structure is simple. "The food that the human body needs to breathe and the air that breathes through the neck. The instructions from the brain are also transmitted to the limbs through the neck. The neck is the bond between the head and the body. Once cut, life will cease to exist."

The neck is so important, but it is easy to be ignored. "Like breathing, everyone will not pay special attention to its existence on weekdays. It is important to have problems," the expert said. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, 70% of white-collar workers suffer from different levels of "office disease", and two of them are related to the neck. Throatitis ranks first in the five "office diseases", and the other is more and more cervical spondylosis. A hospital orthopedic expert surveyed nearly 300 cervical vertebra cases from all over the country and found that young people under the age of 40 accounted for 48.1% of the cervical spine patient population.

Neck protection tips

1. The salt cloth bag is very useful. Sew a long pocket, put the big salt into it, seal it and put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Sleeping under the neck every day, to feel warm, it can relieve neck discomfort.

2. Fly more kites and swim more. Bowing or leaning forward for too long can cause neck pain. Flying kites and swimming are good ways to relieve neck pressure.

3. Raise your head when standing. Some people get used to hunchback when they are standing and stretch their necks forward, which will increase the force on the neck. The small movement of raising your head and chest can reduce the burden on your neck.

4. Wear a neck pillow when you are sitting for a long time. Comfortable and supportive neck pillows allow the sedentary person's neck to be in a correct posture with the correct curve. However, the neck pillow has only an auxiliary effect and cannot be used as a treatment.

5. Only when you lie flat, you can rest completely. Experts pointed out that the neck wants to rest completely and can only lie flat. People who are used to lying on their backs can flatten the middle of the pillow before going to bed, and the position of the neck should be raised; the height of the pillow is the same as the height of the fist. When lying on the side, the height of the pillow is the same as the height of one and a half fists, preferably 10 to 15 cm.

6.Neck pillow provides superior sleep support and helps minimize sore necks.Air neck pillow filled to neck and head, equalizing pressure points for a more peaceful sleep Softens in response to body heat and stays comfortable over a wide range of temperatures.Channel ventilation lets air circulate to help keep you cool. Square throw pillow design accommodates back, side and stomach in travel, office and home Rated more comfortable than comparable luxury foam pillows in an independent survey You'll sleep pressure-free and wake up feeling rejuvenated


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