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There are four principles to protect the waist, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.

Waist protection is also known as waist circumference, Waist Support, waist pain is not unfamiliar to people, but the use of inappropriate waist protection not only can not protect the waist, but also may aggravate the disease.

Waist protection for a long time, lumbar muscles will seize the opportunity to "lazy", the more needless, the more weak. Once the waist protection is removed, the lumbar muscles can not adapt to the activities without waist protection, which may cause new injury. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to use the waist correctly.

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1, the role of waist protection

1, protect the waist muscles, so that the waist muscles relax. Wearing lumbar protector can help the muscles in the waist and back to maintain the body posture, improve the stress condition of the muscles in the waist and back, relax the muscles and relieve the symptoms of low back pain.
2, fixed waist, to prevent further aggravation of symptoms. Lumbar protection will limit the range of motion of the waist, reduce the damage caused by lumbar movement, to a certain extent, can prevent the aggravation of lumbar disc herniation.
waist support

2. four principles of using waist protection

Acute stage wear. In the acute stage of lumbar vertebral disease, when the symptoms of the lumbar region are serious, it should be used frequently, not removed at any time, and can cooperate with rehabilitation physiotherapy. After waist protection, lumbar flexion and other activities are limited, but can not reduce gravity, so the upper waist still need to pay attention to avoid excessive waist load, generally to complete daily life, work as the degree of

Take off when you lie down. You need to take care of your waist when you lie down and rest. When the symptoms are heavier, they should be strictly worn (get up and stand up) and do not take them off at will.

Strengthen exercise. During the use of lumbar protection, the thinker should also gradually increase the lumbar back muscle exercise under the guidance of the doctor to prevent and reduce the lumbar muscle contraction. When symptoms gradually subside, the waist protector should be removed, and should be worn when going out, standing for a long time or sitting in a position. For the postoperative thinkers after lumbar disc herniation, 3-6 weeks is more suitable for propaganda, not more than 3 months, according to the condition of the appropriate adjustment time.

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