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Walking benefits the body health



There is an old saying that "practice comes first". Walking for a long time for the whole of the heart, lung function exercise has great effect, and walk need consumption quantity of heat, so for the consumption of excess fat, and promote the growth of muscle, and increase the strength of the ligaments are good.

The who decided that walking was "the best sport in the world". Data statistics: every step can promote the blood flow of 50% of the human body, blood circulation and blood stasis; The blood vessels that can squeeze 50% of the human body are simple "blood vessel gymnastics". At least 50 percent of your muscles can help maintain total muscle mass.


Look at the 15 benefits of walking!

1, Improve your memory.

As you age, your memory goes back, walking increases your memory, and remembering to walk every morning will help you remember more and more.

2, Open the meridian.

Long sitting in the office, not paying attention to the body, the meridian stiffness, the whole body will have small pimples, stick to walking, the knot is much less.

3, clear the pulse.

The meridian is not clear, the pulse is natural and stiff, the whole body is very nervous, very stiff, walk half an hour every afternoon, whole body relaxed.

4, Light heart.

Body and mind, body and mind, body and mind, body and mind diseases come from qi, qi is meridian impassability, therefore, is not freedom of body and mind, walk through, blood flow, the body and mind is free. This is related to the step zen.

5, enhance cardiac function.

Don't love sports, so the heart is not good, walking can enhance the heart function, make the heart slow and powerful.

6, open the blood vessels.

Medically speaking, walking can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the possibility of rupture of blood vessels, and increase the overall elasticity of the body.

7, Strengthen muscle strength.

Life without law, so the whole body muscle stiffness and no flexibility, no power, enhance the muscle strength after by walking, and strong legs, foot forces, bones and muscles, and joints is flexible.

8, Smooth blood circulation.

Human blood is not unobstructed, because the meridians and veins are impassable, people are vulnerable to diseases, walking can get through the channels, enhance blood circulation and metabolism of the human body.

9, Reduce five dirty diseases.

Insides need movement, if not exercising, sclerosis disease naturally, therefore, to walk can enhance the secretion of digestive gland function, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis regularly, increase appetite, strengthen the function of intestines and elastic, many diseases to heal naturally.

10, cures three.

There are three high, doctors prescribed many prescriptions, no big effect, started to walk, five months lost 40 catties, three high three and. Walking is good for the prevention of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and chronic constipation.

11, spiritual joy.

In Tibetan medicine, regular walking will eliminate heart ischemic symptoms or lower blood pressure. The body eliminates fatigue, mental pleasure, relieves the heart palpitations. People's unhappiness and blood relationship, walking can reduce blood sugar, blood lipids; Eliminate blood clots, blood and other blood, the blood is free of garbage, qi and blood flow, people will be happy.

12, Beautiful.

Human beauty is directly related to blood, human blood has no garbage, people must be beautiful and beautiful, the blood is much rubbish, human nature is not beautiful. Therefore, walking can rule out the garbage in the body and the garbage in the blood, reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat in the human body, and keep the body beautiful.

13, Reduce myocardial infarction.

In medicine, myocardial infarction is mainly caused by obstructing qi and blood, and blood clots clog blood vessels, which can reduce the formation of blood clots and reduce the possibility of myocardial infarction.

14, Enhance kidney function.

The person itself is lazy, unwilling activity, sitting time is long, can injure kidney, cause kidney deficiency, nephritis, kidney stone, kidney function flinch. Therefore, the kidney supply is insufficient, liver blood is insufficient; The liver is not enough blood, the blood is not enough, begin to get sick. In order to treat the medicine, increase the burden of the kidney, walking can reduce the medicine, thus enhance the function of the kidney.

15, The brain is clear.

Stay in front of the computer, stay at home reading, writing, the brain is not clear, on foot, accept the outdoor fresh air, the brain thinking activity becomes clear, flexible, obviously eliminates the brain fatigue, improve the learning and practice.


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