Football Shoulder Brace For Dislocation Prevention

Football Shoulder Brace For Dislocation Prevention

Football is a sport that requires full-body coordination. It is a game that involves a lot of running, tackling, and jumping. Proper posture is necessary to play the game efficiently. It enhances muscular and skeletal balance to prevent injury while in motion or not. Body support, like a football shoulder brace, keeps the player protected. Having this on protects the spine, joints, and head. There are many advantages to wearing a shoulder brace. If you want to learn more, check out the details below.

shoulder braces for football

Why wear a Shoulder Brace?

Wearing a shoulder brace enhances compression and heightens the sensitivity of skin receptors. The receptors alert the nervous system about the details of the shoulder joint. It includes information like the force applied, position, and the coordination of muscles around it. It can reduce the risk of joint injury due to increased awareness. This phenomenon is known as proprioception, the sense of self-movement, force, and body position. Joint damage occurs when the range of movement is wide. Continuous exposure to this leads to dislocation and subluxation. A football shoulder brace limits the motion of the joints and reduces the chances of injury. It also serves as an extra layer of protection on the muscle tendons. The direct impact on the ligament does not occur. The shoulder brace will absorb and distribute the force.

What type of Football Shoulder Brace is for You?

The purpose of shoulder braces is to protect the spine, enhance posture, and prevent joint injury. There are variants for upper back support that promotes spine alignment and pain relief. It supports both sides of the shoulder or just one side. The two designs have a purpose. Here is the rundown of what those are.

Two-side Shoulder Brace Support:

This design covers the left and right shoulder. It runs across the upper back. It enables the wearer to be aware of the situation of both sides. This type of support promotes posture and spinal alignment. It assists in maintaining a good posture. It prevents slouching, and there will be less back pain. This type of shoulder support is also ideal for everyday use. It is recommendable for people who do desk jobs all day. It can reduce the risk of neck or back injury.

One-Side Shoulder Brace Support:

When playing football, one side of the body is more utilized than the other. The dominant area is prone to stress and injury. It is advisable to wear a one-sided shoulder brace during the game. Having this on lessens the impact on the affected muscles and ligaments. It also enhances the sensitivity of skin receptors and activates proprioception. Possible serious injuries like dislocation, frozen shoulder, rotor cuff injury, and acromioclavicular separation are less likely to happen. However, playing the sport with caution yields the best results.

Shoulder Brace Support with Self-Heating Pad:

After a game of football, athletes expect muscle soreness and fatigue. It is also the same for regular office workers that had a long day. To ease the tension felt on the back of the body, the usage of shoulder brace support with a self-heating pad is helpful. It is a design that provides warmth to the tired or injured area. The heat promotes blood circulation. This phenomenon is a natural pain relief by increasing blood oxygen levels. Say goodbye to painkillers that could increase the risk of injury in internal organs like the kidneys.

What are the common health risks of poor Shoulder Support?

There are several health issues due to poor shoulder support and posture. These include subluxation, total dislocation, frozen shoulder, and rotor cuff injury. Learn more about them by reading the information provided below.

Shoulder Subluxation:

football shoulder brace for dislocation

The shoulder has a ball and socket joint. It allows movement but is at risk of dislocation due to the high-impact force applied to it. Or the frequent application of external impact can lead to this injury too. The dislocation can be partial or known as subluxation. It happens when the connecting bone is partially out of the joint. This injury incurs soreness and pain. It needs immediate check-ups and treatment.

Total Shoulder Dislocation:

football shoulder braces

Another type is the total dislocation of the shoulder. It is a severe case when the shoulder drops downward or dislocates forward or backward. It happens when the upper arm bone pops out of the shoulder blade socket. It is painful and requires immediate medical attention. If not treated well, it can lead to a disability in movement.

Frozen Shoulder:

shoulder brace football dislocation

A frozen shoulder begins when the shoulder capsule tissues thicken while the connective tissue becomes stiff. There will be a painful sensation, and the range of motion will be limited. It affects the upper arm and outer shoulder area. This injury is self-healing, but it takes a period to achieve that. It can last for months or even a year.

Rotator Cuff Injury:

shoulder brace for football players

A rotator cuff injury occurs when the muscles and tendons surrounding the humerus sockets get torn. This injury can be partial or full-thickness. It can happen due to two reasons, acute or degenerative. Acute rotator cuff injury is muscle and tendon tearing due to a fall or lifting heavy objects. Degenerative is the wearing down of tendons due to continuous use. It involves stress, bone spurs, and poor blood circulation. Over time micro-tears accumulate. It leads to a big tear in the tendons and muscles. These injuries are acquired by playing football or doing day-to-day tasks. While tending to these injuries, a football shoulder brace will help minimize the pain and bring relief. A self-heating shoulder brace can also improve blood circulation and reduce aching and soreness.

Final Thoughts:

Playing football and other demanding sports can take a toll on the body. The continuous running, jumping, and tackling expose the shoulder to many risks. Preventing injury is possible by using shoulder braces designed for football. It lessens the impact and provides compression and skin receptor sensitivity. As a result, there will be no damage to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other connections on the shoulders and upper back.

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