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Neck Traction Device with Heating

Aofit Cervical Traction Device with USB Heating for Neck Pain Relief

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A great way to relieve your neck and shoulder pain. This cervical traction device works great for massage, fracture reduction, and pain relief. You can use it while seated, standing, or lying down.

Experience Instant Neck Pain Relief!

The best way to get neck pain relief in less than 20 minutes a day is to use our professional neck traction device with heat. This cervical traction device works to relax tight, tired muscles and boost blood circulation. For neck pain, it provides you with an in-home alternative to expensive chiropractors and regular massage therapies.

Benefits of Cervical Traction Device with Heat

  • Provides fixed hot traction to the neck and spine
  • Reduces swelling in cervical areas
  • Decompresses and hydrates neck and upper back discs
  • Relief from pressure on muscles, nerves, and minor fractures
  • Stretches stiff neck muscles
  • Promotes blood flow
  • Reduces medication need

How Does It Work?

The cervical traction device is safe to use and works by stretching the discs and joints in your cervical spine, helping you to relieve neck pain while keeping your head and neck in the optimal position.

Who Is It For?

Those who have problems with chronic neck pain, sciatica pain, and spondylosis would benefit greatly from our Neck Traction Device with Heat. It provides relief for sore neck muscles and for back pain caused by bad posture.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
elief finally!

Needed relief from a disc that slips and pinches nerves! This is what I needed to feel normal again. Was recommended to me by a friend, only regret is I didn’t get it sooner!

Took away my pain

I have a bulging disc in my neck. Causes alot of pain makes it difficult to move and causes severe headaches. This device is soooo worth the money. I wore it for 15 to 30 mins before bed for 3 days straight and no more pain. It may only be a temporary fix but I'll take it...sweet relief.

Helped to resolve issue with pinched radial nerve in my neck.

Build quality is good, and it is comfortable. Most importantly after 3x 20 minute uses per day (over 2 weeks with physical therapy) my pinched radial nerve in my neck is back to normal and is giving me no problems.

this traction device really works.

I had a bulging disc in my neck and tried PT, various doctors, spine doctors, nerve study, chiropractors, meds, MRIs, neck shots etc, for over year and a half-- nothing worked. I used this for 15 minutes in the am and before going to sleep for a week and my neck and arm pain no longer bothers me. I use it once or twice a week now for maintenance. Highly reccommend as it is the only thing that truly has helped. The other neck devices will slip off your neck and above your face.

Fantastic product - result noticed in just few days

Ok, I am going to sound like I am the marketing guy for this product but believe me. I have been suffering from neck pain for years due to multiple degenerated discs. Lately I have been seeing physical therapist, chiropractic and massage therapy with not very noticeable change to my pain levels. In addition I have been going to sauna three times a week. All gave me temporary relief that lasts only an hour or so.

THEN, I bought this product and started using it three times a day. after just three days my neck’s range of movement and pain drastically improved to a point where I decided to write this comment. I will keep using it and report back after a month or so. For now, worth the money. It is solid and well built product. Highly recommended.

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