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Self Heating Full Back Brace For Back Pain Relief With 108 Magnets

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The Self Heating Full Back Brace is perfect for those who have shoulder or back pain. It has built-in 108 magnets, tourmaline self-heating pads, and 5 back supporting strips to quickly raise body temperature, promote blood circulation, correct posture and relieve back pain.

108 Magnets in the Full Back Brace

There are totally 108 magnets built in at the shoulders, back and abdomen areas. When these magnets are placed near the skin, capillary walls relax, allowing for increased blood flow and oxygenation which relieves shoulders, back and muscle pain.

Self-heating for Pain Relief

The self-heating pads on the full back back provide warmth to the injured area and also improve blood circulation and heighten blood oxygen levels, providing effective natural pain relief. It can help relieve menstrual pain and sedentary lumbago.

Back Support & Posture Correction

The detachable 5 ABS strips at the lower back area adopt a sturdy structure, which helps to evenly distribute the pressure of the lumbar spine, firmly fixes and supports it reliably, so as to maintain a good posture and achieve a certain slimming effect.

Comfortable and Adjustable

Features adjustable straps, this full back brace is comfortable to wear. You can adjust the back brace to fit your body. It’s convenient and simple just like wearing a shirt. This heated full back brace is good for people of different sizes, including men and women.


  • Material: Breathable Fabric, 108 Magnets
  • Color: Black
  • Size: M/L/XL
  • M 53-83cm 45.0-57.5kg
  • L 60-97cm 57.5-70.0kg
  • XL 99-112cm 70.0-90.0kg
Tourmaline Heat Warning: Tourmaline has amazing self-heating properties but care is needed when first using any Tourmaline item. Tourmaline can affect people in different ways, a small percentage can generate substantial heat against the skin. To ensure you are not adversely affected by Tourmaline it is highly recommended that you use the belt over a t-shirt or similar until you are familiar with the heat your body generates. The Tourmaline pads can be dampened to provide additional heat but it is highly recommended that you start with the pads completely dry, this includes any perspiration generated by work and exercise. As you get used to and understand the heat generated in your case you can then wear the belt for extended periods with confidence.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Great product

This product provides great back support and has helped my back pain tremendously. When I first started using this product it was a little uncomfortable but once I got use to it I wear it everyday to work. I will definitely be purchasing a second one to have to change up

Marie Wright
Love the comfort, posture correcting, and support this brace gives

I ordered the full back brace. The package came sooner than expected. I put it on. I wear it a couple hours at a time. I have noticed some tightness under my armpit and under the back of my neck. I feel that once my posture it's staighter there will not be much pull from the armpit and neck. I have noticed that my posture has been getting straighter. I love the support it gives my back. The brace is very comfortable around my round mid section. I have also noticed wearing it has decreased some of my back pain. I would highly recommend this brace to anything looking for help with posture, pain relief, support and comfort!!

Tiffany Wynne
Awesome Product

I put the item on and immediately felt the support in my back & stomach. I currently have back issues and Ive been looking for something that will 'pull' me in while also having back support. This is it!

Amy K
Great product

I love this product. I use it every day. It is amazing helping with the areas that I was wanting to target. The fit is perfect and it doesn't ride up or feel uncomfortable.

Effective and Comfortable to wear

I was skeptical about this because I have tried so many similar ones, but after using it, I can say, I am very happy and it is very comfortable to wear. easy to use and it is very effective. The heat makes me very comfortable.
Good for those who have long hours of continuous sitting.

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