Aofit's Story

AOFIT – Products Made for People in Pain by a Former Pain Sufferer

What if you didn’t have to live with pain and discomfort? At AOFIT, we believe that back pain is all too often a product of poor ergonomics. That’s why we created the best body braces and supports such as arm and knee braces in the world.


Aofit‘s Story

The AOFIT story is your story if you currently suffer from chronic body or back pain.

Founded by Wendy Lee in 2006, AOFIT is a company that puts dedication to finding a better way to stop pain at the forefront. Wendy Lee spent years crying inside her office at her successful banking job. Suffering from chronic and debilitating back pain, Lee often had a hard time hiding her anguish from clients. She even had to give up her beloved cycling and gyms hobbies due to the unrelenting back pain that often left her in a “hunched” stance. While she tried braces to help alleviate the backache, the products Lee tried ultimately only caused her to throw away money without ever getting relief.

Lee finally got so fed up with pain that she decided she would have to find a solution if nobody else could help her. In speaking with people around the office, Lee discovered that she wasn’t as alone in her struggle with back pain as she thought. Many people around her were also living in extreme discomfort. The year was 2006 when Lee quit her successful bank job. While friends and family were shocked by the decision, Lee knew that it was “now or never” if she was going to reclaim her health and achieve lasting back pain relief. However, Lee didn’t just want to relieve her own pain. She was confident that she could use her business experience and problem-solving abilities to develop an effective brace for pain relief that was missing from the market. Lee quickly assembled a team with a background in product engineering to begin designing what would eventually become the AOFIT lineup.

An intensive product-development process that included research, customer surveys, and studies on what made the current braces that were available so ineffective was underway. The team wasn’t just obsessed with creating the best product. They also wanted to make sure that they could create products that were affordable, comfortable, and easy to use.

After a four-year-long process of product development, the first AOFIT factory was built in Shijiazhuang. Wendy and her management team hired employees with in-depth knowledge of product design, development, and manufacturing to ensure that the highest quality standards were met during production.

Growth Beyond Expectation

2015 was a big year for AOFIT. The company expanded its factory space to cover 6,000 square meters as the demand for AOFIT products more than tripled. AOFIT’s staff quickly grew from 60 to 150 in the first year of operation. AOFIT’s popularity as a brace company that relieved pain without putting pressure on muscles or joints quickly grew by word of mouth in the United States. This prompted Wendy Lee and her team to establish their brand in the United States. AOFIT officially became a global company when AOFIT Incorporated was founded in the United States in 2018. During this time of expansion, AOFIT collaborated with members of the medical field who were introduced to the product line by their patients. Thrilled with the positive results they saw, medical providers began to refer AOFIT to patients.

AOFIT saw even more growth in 2020. The first AOFIT shop branches were opened in Hangzhou and Shenzhen City. In addition, the company expanded its factory space to 8,000 square meters to accommodate a workforce of 300 employees.

Practicing What We Preach 

Inspired by her own struggle with pain triggered by long hours spent at a workstation, Wendy Lee implements flexible policies at all AOFIT offices throughout China and the United States that encourage employees to get up from their desks. Employees are encouraged to engage in exercises and aerobic dances to break up the day. Wellness is at the core of what we do because we believe that living well is the best way to prevent pain!

Do you have a pain story? If you suffer from chronic backache or sciatica, we want to hear from you! Share how AOFIT has helped you break free from pain to help others, earn rewards, and get free AOFIT products.